This will be a fifteen-part series taking place at 11:00am Eastern/ 6:00pm in Israel


Part 1: Sunday, May 30

An Introduction to Sefer Devarim: The Most Important - Yet Misunderstood - Book of the Bible.   

 Part 2: Sunday, June 6

The 'Sin of the Spies' - Why the Account in Devarim is Different.

Part 3: Sunday, June 13

How and Why Sefer Devarim 'Belongs' in Sefer Shmot.

     Sponsored by Johanna Bromberg and Naomi Bar-Yam in memory of their husband and father,

     Rabbi Kenneth Bromberg, רב יקותיאל בן אפרים ומכלא באשע

     Devarim was his favorite book

 Part 4: Sunday, June 20

The 'Main Speech' - in the Shadow of the 'Ten Commandments'.

Part 5: Sunday, June 27

Breaking the Tablets in Sefer Devarim - and an Amazing Rashbam.

     Sponsored by Danielle and Akiva Bloom in observance of the yahrtzeit of Danielle's father,
     Rabbi Theodore Brodie, Tuvia ben Binyamin z"l.  

Part 6: Sunday, July 4

Whose Idea was it to Appoint Judges? - Yitro or Moshe?

Sunday, July 11: Medical Conference

Sunday, July 18: The Torah reading for Tisha b’Av  [Devarim chapter 4]

Part 7: Sunday, July 25

The Meaning of Reciting "Kriyat Shema" - in Light of Sefer Devarim.

Part 8: Sunday, August 1

Why the Mishkan is 'Missing' in Sefer Devarim.

Part 9: Sunday, August 8

'Legislation for a Nation' - What Makes the Laws of Sefer Devarim Unique. 

Part 10: Sunday, August 15

Why the 'Levites' are Called 'Priests' in Sefer Devarim.

Part 11: Sunday, August 22

The Meaning of the Word "Torah" in the Torah vs. Devarim.

Part 12: Sunday, August 29

What is "Brit Nitzavim" - and Why Now in Year 40!

Part 13: Sunday, September 5

The Concepts of "Malchiot" and "Zichronot" in Light of Sefer Devarim.

Part 14: Sunday, September 12

Shirat Haazinu and its Concept of "Teshuva".

Part 15: Sunday September 19

Re-examining Succot - in Light of Devarim Chapter 8.


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