Speaker Profile Dr. Elliot Kranzler

Elli Kranzler, a well-known practicing psychiatrist and assistant professor of psychiatry at Columbia University, is also the Chazzan at the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale. Dr. Kranzler has been involved in composing and performing Jewish music since his teens. Like thousands all over the world, Elli was deeply influenced by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, from his early childhood when Reb Shlomo stayed in his home in Baltimore. Elli's integration of Reb Shlomo's Friday night service and his melodies into the Shabbat Tefilah in his congregation in Riverdale, gave rise to many other congregations following suit, and has earned him national acclaim. He has recorded numerous albums with D'veykus and Journeys and recently released a new CD, "Ki Ata Imadi", with his daughter Ravital. He has performed throughout the US as well as in other countries.