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Ellen Schwartz is an elementary teacher, community leader, author, public speaker and advocate for research awareness and screening for neurodegenerative diseases. As founder of Project Give Back, she links her decades of teaching together with her personal passion for charitable causes. She is also the co-founder of Jacob’s Ladder, Canadian Foundation for the Control of Neurodegenerative Diseases.

Jacob’s Ladder has raised over three million dollars towards research, education and awareness into neurodegenerative illnesses.

Ellen has written two books, Lessons from Jacob: A Disabled Son Teaches His Mother About Courage, Hope and the Joy of Living Life to the Fullest and Without One Word Spoken. Without One Word Spoken was rated a National Best Seller by The Globe and Mail.

Ellen has the ability to move and inspire audiences due to her unwavering belief in her son's abilities, her steadfast commitment to education and research into neurodegenerative diseases, and her heartfelt desire to help others cope with life's toughest challenges.

Ellen was honored "A Woman of Action" by the Israel Cancer Research Fund, as well as honored by Ve’ahavta and Aish Toronto. She was awarded a Queen’s Jubilee medal as well as the Meritorious Service Decoration by the Governor General of Canada, and a Canada 150 Exemplary Canadian Award. Ellen lives in Toronto with her husband Jeff, and their three children, Jacob, Beverly, and Ben.

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