Speaker Profile Rabbi Doron Perez

Rav Doron Perez is currently Executive Chairman of the Mizrachi World Movement. He studied for 10 years in some of Israel’s leading Yeshivot, culminating in receiving Rabbinic ordination. He served in the I.D.F as part of the Hesder Program, and has a BA in Jewish Education and an MA in Jewish History.

He served the South African Jewish community for 15 years (2000-2014) in multiple leadership roles; as a community leader, Rabbi and educator.  He served as the Rabbi of the Mizrachi Movement of South Africa during these years, the Senior Rabbi of the vibrant Mizrachi shul in Johannesburg, and the Head of School of the Yeshiva College schools, the first and largest Torah school in Southern Africa. 

Rav Perez returned to Israel with his family within 2014 to take up a new position as CEO at the Mizrachi World Movement. He is the driving force behind the re-invigoration of the Mizrachi Movement worldwide. Since assuming his position, Rav Perez has focused on organizational transformation and innovative programming with the collective goal of making Jewish and Zionist identity as relevant and transformative in communities throughout the Diaspora. 

Rav Perez is a renowned orator, and is a sought after speaker and scholar in residence in communities around the world. He has authored two books - Leading the Way - a collection of writings on some of life’s most important matters, and The Jewish State: from Opposition to Opportunity - a Vision for Unity in Israel and Why the World Needs it.

He is married to Shelley who is an accomplished physical therapist and they live in Yad Binyamin together with their four children.


Speaker's Resources

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