Torah in Motion offers sophisticated yet accessible Jewish learning for a global Jewish community.

We believe the quest for knowledge and understanding is a Jewish heritage.

True understanding comes from seeing issues from various perspectives.


About Us

Torah in Motion is Jewish learning for modern times.  We expand the horizons of Jewish thought with articles, lectures, events, and tours by outstanding teachers from around the world.  TiM meshes modern intellectual and traditional religious perspectives to cover today’s most challenging topics.  We value intellectual integrity, diverse opinions and remaining faithful to tradition.  Our global community is inquisitive and thoughtful. Together, we push the boundaries of modern Jewish thought.

Torah in Motion has over 500 speakers and listeners from over 30 countries.  On this website you will find more than 1800 hours of TiM Torah audio recordings on issues facing the Jewish world, on a range of topics including modern challenges to religious life, to Jewish history, philosophy, and text-based study.  Torah in Motion has offered e-TiM online classes since 2007 and travelled on 25 journeys through Jewish History to more than 10 countries.


Meet our TiM Team

We believe the quest for knowledge and understanding is the Jewish heritage.