Speaker Profile Dr. Shimon Lerner

Shimon Lerner teaches physics at the JCT Lev Academic Center. Arriving in Israel from New Jersey with his family just before junior high, he went on to graduate from the Horev Yeshiva High School. He then entered the Atudah program of the IDF, studying for a degree in Electro-Optics at Machon Lev and afterwards serving as an officer.

He received his PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the field of condensed matter physics, under the supervision of Professor Yuri Feldman. During his formative years he studied Torah under Rabbi Natan Bar Haim of JCT and under Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein, of blessed memory. Residing in Jerusalem with his wife and children,  he sees it as both a mission and a privilege to impart to his students the methods of critical scientific thinking.  

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Aug 11, 2020

Time for Tanach

Channa Lockshin Bob, Dr. Aaron Koller, Dr. Beni Gesundheit, Dr. Dov Zakheim, Dr. Erica Brown, Dr. Moshe Sokolow, Dr. Orit Avnery, Dr. Rebecca Winter Gottlieb, Dr. Shalom Holtz, Dr. Shimon Lerner, Dr. Tammy Jacobowitz, Miriam Krupka, Rabbanit Dena Freundlich, Rabbi Alex Israel, Rabbi Allen Schwartz, Rabbi Chaim Strauchler, Rabbi David Silber, Rabbi Dr. Joshua Berman, Rabbi Dr. Martin Lockshin, Rabbi Menachem Leibtag, Rabbi Nathaniel Helfgot, Rabbi Yaakov Beasley, Rabbi Zvi Grumet, Rachel Sharansky Danziger
Jun 19, 2020