Speaker Profile Eric Lawee

Prof. Eric Lawee teaches in the department of Tanakh at Bar Ilan University. He is currently serving as Shoshana Shier Distinguished Visiting Professor at University of Toronto. His main areas of interest are medieval and early modern Judaism, with a focus on biblical scholarship and intellectual history. He is currently completing a book titled Canon and Commentary:  Rashi’s Resisting Readers. 



Speaker's Resources

29. Rashi's Torah

Eric Lawee, J.J. Kimche
May 22, 2024

5761 Tisha B'Av in Thought and Action

Eric Lawee, Rabbi Eliezer Breitowitz, Rabbi Jay Kelman, Rabbi Michael Skobac, Rabbi Yoseph Oziel
Jun 30, 2020

Not In Heaven: Torah in Human Hands

Dr. Shnayer Leiman, Eric Lawee
Jun 9, 2020
Jan 21, 2018

Interpreting the Bible - Panel

Eric Lawee, Rabbi Menachem Leibtag, Rabbi Nathaniel Helfgot
Sep 17, 2011
Jul 24, 2007
Nov 10, 2002