Speaker Profile Rabbi Shlomo Vilk

Rav Shlomo Vilk is the Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivat Machanaim in Efrat and serves as the rabbi of Kehilat Ya'el in Bak'a, Jerusalem. Rav Vilk studied at Yeshivat Karnei Shomron and The Hari Fishel Dayanut Kollel and received ordination from The Chief Rabbinate of Israel. He holds a BA and MA in Jewish Philosophy. Previously, Rav Vilk spent several years on Shlichut in Toronto at TanenbaumCHAT. Rav Vilk's unique interdisciplinary approach to Torah offers students a broad and fascinating look at the interface between the humanities, science and Torah.

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The Future of Halacha: A Panel Discussion (Renewing Our Spirit 2014)

Rabbi Aryeh Klapper, Rabbi Shlomo Vilk, Rabbi Simcha Krauss
Dec 17, 2014

Renewing Our Spirit 2014

Batya Hefter, Dr. Daniel Lagace-Roy, Dr. Elliott Malamet, Professor Asa Kasher, Rabbi Aryeh Klapper, Rabbi Shlomo Vilk, Rabbi Simcha Krauss, Sarah Cheses
Nov 15, 2014