Speaker Profile Dr. Aviva Cayam

Aviva Cayam grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, went to the Hebrew Academy there, studied for a year at Machon Gold, received a BA from Case Western Reserve University in history and a BHL from the Cleveland College of Jewish studies. Aviva has masters and doctorate degrees in social work from Wurzweiler (YU) where she met her husband. They lived in New Rochelle, New York for 18 years and made Aliyah with their 5 kids eight years ago. Aviva see couples in therapy and has been teaching adult Jewish education classes for over 2 decades (including scholar in residence for Amit, Hadassah, Federation, Young Israel, shuls, etc.) She has an article in Jewish legal writings by women and articles in the Jerusalem Report and Hadassah magazine. Aviva has done several radio programs for Arutz Sheva in English on marriage and children. They live in Gilo, Yerushalayim and since they came on Aliyah, 4 of the 5 kids got married and they are grandparents, B"H. Their youngest is in Hesder in Har Bracha.