Speaker Profile Rabbi Dan Rand

Rabbi Dan Rand, Executive Director of the Forest Hill Jewish Centre, is all about discovering and sharing the beauty and depths of Jewish tradition. His father set the example as an executive director and founder of several Jewish schools including the Heschel School in Toronto. Prior to joining the team at the Forest Hill Jewish Centre, Dan spent three years teaching adults and children in Indianapolis and 11 years building Aish Hatorah Toronto, where he was integral to sending close to 1,000 students on learning programs in Israel.

He has also served as Executive Vice President at Eitz Chaim Jewish Day School, reinvigorating the educational experience for the students. Dan currently teaches Rabbinics to young adults at CHAT, a position he has held for 18 years; there, he loves to see his students work hard, meet goals, and get inspired by life-forming ideas.

At the Forest Hill Jewish Centre, Dan is excited to be a part of a team in building something great, continuing his love of inspiring others to connect with Jewish tradition. 


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Sep 17, 2011