Speaker Profile Rabbi Jesse Shore

Rabbi Jesse Shore received his Bachelor's in philosophy and psychology at Yeshiva University. His deep appreciation for Zionism and the desire to reclaim and strengthen our historical and religious ties to the land of Israel, led to his work as a coordinator for Hasbara Fellowships, promoting Israel on college campuses throughout the United States. Rabbi Shore’s love for his Jewish heritage, biblical and rabbinic literature and strong sense of peoplehood brought him back to Yeshiva University to pursue his rabbinic ordination and a Master's in Bible.

Rabbi Shore is passionate about community building. He believes that fostering unity while cherishing our individuality is an ongoing and meaningful enterprise. He is interested in the interaction between analytic philosophy and Jewish thought, and enjoys singing, hiking and sonorous acoustic folk music.


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Jul 23, 2018

Tisha B'Av Program 2018

Rabbi Ari Perl, Rabbi Jay Kelman, Rabbi Jesse Shore, Rabbi Jonathan Ziring, Rabbi Shlomo Gemara
Jul 1, 2018