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Gabriella Licsko is a doctoral candidate at Ben-Gurion University, in Beer Sheva, Israel. She holds a B.A in Cultural Studies (2003), a B.A in Social Work (2017), and her M.A. degree in Jewish Studies (2007). For over ten years she has been a researcher and lecturer about the various sectors and subdivisions of Israeli Orthodox Jewish society and the history of Orthodox Jewish life, with an emphasis on the history and legacy of Polish Hasidic courts. She is the co-founder of “Polish Tish”, a unique international project exploring the history, teachings and the religious and intellectual legacy of Polish Hasidic communities, through bi-weekly, 90-minute, interactive, lectures in English, via Zoom.


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Aug 22, 2022

e-TiM: Bais Yaakov in Historical Perspective

Dr. Ilan Fuchs, Dr. Naomi Seidman, Gabriella Licsko
Jul 12, 2022