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Kenneth Seeskin received his BA from Northwestern in 1968 and his PH D in Philosophy from Yale in 1972. He has been a member of the faculty of Northwestern for 30 years and has served as Chair of the Philosophy Dept, Director of the Jewish Studies Program, and Director of the Center for the Writing Arts. His publications in Jewish Philosophy include Jewish Philosophy in a Secular Age, Maimonides: a Guide for Today's Perplexed, No Other Gods: the Modern Struggle Against Idolatry, Searching for a Distant God: The Legacy of Maimonides, and Autonomy in Jewish Philosophy. In 2001 he won the Koret Jewish Book Award for Searching for a Distant God. He is currently editing The Cambridge Companion to Maimonides and will be coming out with a new book, Maimonides on the Origin of the World.

In addition to publication, Seeskin has won numerous teaching awards at Northwestern and was named Charles Deering McCormick Professor of Teaching Excellence in 1995. He has lectured to public and professional audiences worldwide on the history and present state of Jewish Philosophy.

Seeskin lives in Evanston with his wife and two children.

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Dr. Daniel J. Lasker, Dr. James A. Diamond, Dr. Kenneth Hart Green, Dr. Kenneth Seeskin
Sep 17, 2011
Dec 5, 2004