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Paul Shaviv is the Director of Education at TanenbaumCHAT, the High School of the Toronto Jewish Community.  Originally from the UK, he was educated at the  Universities of Cambridge (B.A./M.A. in Architecture and Fine Arts) and Oxford (M. Phil. in Modern Jewish Studies).  During his graduate studies he wrote a thesis on Jewish religious conflict in the Old Yishuv of Jerusalem, and since then has continued to write, broadcast and lecture on the ideology of the Haredi community and religious anti-Zionism, among many other topics of Jewish and Jewish historical interest.  Previous lectures at TiM include 'The Chatam Sofer' and 'The Origins of Neturei Karta'.  He recently published 'The Jewish High School: a complete management guide'.

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The Chatam Sofer

Paul Shaviv
Sep 17, 2011