Speaker Profile Rabbi Lee Buckman

Rabbi Lee Buckman is an oleh chadah living in Jerusalem who made aliyah from North America in December, 2017.  Prior to moving to his new home, Lee served as a day school educator heading up three schools:  TanenbaumCHAT in Toronto, the Greenfield Hebrew Academy in Atlanta, and the Frankel Jewish Academy in Detroit.  Upon making aliyah, he worked for Rabbi Benny Lau in what has become a worldwide chapter-a-day Tanach project called 929.  About a year ago, his commute to work was decreased from 90 minutes to 5 minutes when he was hired to head the Holocaust Claims Conference office in Jerusalem which funds Shoah research, education and documentation initiatives in Israel.  Lee is married to Rachel, who works for Sefaria and the National Library of Israel, and is the father of four sons and grandfather to two grandsons.  


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Apr 30, 2020
Apr 27, 2020

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Apr 19, 2020