Speaker Profile Rabbi Amichai Eliyahu

Rabbi Amichai Eliyahu works with AMI – an organization that prepares converts and coordinates classes to help them study towards conversion.

“Ami, a Personal Conversion Ulpan” is part of the Or Etzion educational complex, with its nationwide staff, accompany the convert in the process of learning and preparation right from the beginning until the actual conversion, and also afterwards.

Ami is an innovation in conversions, as it makes the process of conversion intimate and family-like. 

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Two Worlds: The Intersection Between Religious and Secular in Israel

Rabbanit Kineret Krispil, Rabbi Amichai Eliyahu, Rabbi Boaz Genut, Rabbi David Stav, Rabbi Dr. Dov Maimon, Rabbi Ofir, Rabbi Shimon Har-Sholom, Shmuel Jeselsohn
Oct 9, 2013