The Tisha B'Av learning is dedicated to the memory of Sylvia and Meyer Zeifman z”l.

Torah in Motion sponsors programming for Tisha B'Av annually. Our program enables one to truly understand and feel the losses that we experienced, and sharpens our ability to focus on the mourning required on this day.

While there is no charge for the shiurim, donations are very much appreciated.

Thank you. 

Tentative schedule. All times are Eastern. 

  Time                            Program

12:00pm      Lessons from Rav Kook for an Age of Anger
                                Dr. Yehudah Mirsky

 1:00pm      Mourning in this “Happy Land”: Tisha B'Av
                     and the American Jewish Experience
                                Rabbi Dr. Zev Eleff
 2:00pm               Poetry, History and Lament:
                       Readings in the Tisha B'Av Kinnot
                            Rabbi Dr. Martin Lockshin

 3:00pm            Grappling with G-d in the Face of 
                        Personal and Communal Tragedy
                                    Mali Brofsky

 4:00pm              A (virtual) Visit to Remnants of
                              Pre-Churban Jerusalem   
                              Rabbi Dr. Ari Zivotofsky

 5:00pm        Zecher LaMikdash or Zecher LeChurban
                               Rabbi Aviad Tabory

6:00pm               Chesed, Comfort, and Care:
                       Talmudic Responses to Suffering 
                              Dr. Yardaena Osband