As Maamad Har Sinai is one of the most important events in our History,  the study of its detailed description in the Torah is of upmost importance. 
Our six part series undertakes a careful study of Shmot chapters 19 thru 24 (and the parallel account in Sefer Devarim) in an attempt to better appreciate not only what happened, but also the deeper meaning of the complexity and ambiguity in its presentation.

Part 1. Matan Torah – A gift or an obligation? From Proposition to Preparation
Part 2. Had God only brought us close to Mt. Sinai: From Preparation to Obfuscation
Part 3. The Dibrot – Commandments or Statements: From Obfuscation to Revelation
Part 4. When did we say naaseh v’nishma? From Revelation to Limitation
Part 5. Parshat Mishpatim  -  Content vs Context: From Revelation to Legislation

Part 6. The Ten Commandments in Sefer Devarim - and why they are different

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