Ethical Dilemmas in End-of-Life Care

Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Brody

Wednesday, October 25 - November 15 

2:15pm Eastern, 9:15pm in Israel, 8:15pm in Israel on November 1

The course will seek to present major principles in Jewish medical ethics by discussing case examples of common situations.  Particular focus will be paid to questions relating to end-of-life care.

Wednesday October 25:  Should We Pray for the Terminally Ill to Die?  Halakhic Perspectives on "Quality of Life"

Wednesday, November 1:  Dilemmas of Dementia:  Mitzvot Observance, Caregiving, and End-of-Life Interventions 

Wednesday, November 8:  Time of Death and Organ Donation:  New Technologies and Ethical Dilemmas

Wednesday, November 15:  Personal Conscience and End-of-Life Care:  What Should Family Members and Healthcare Providers Do When Decisions Are Made Against Halakha?  


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