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Join Torah in Motion for a unique and intellectually inspiring trip to Spain designed by Dr. Marc Shapiro.

  • See the medieval synagogues in Toledo
  • Visit the windmills immortalized by Cervantes
  • Experience Shabbat in Gibraltar, a unique experience
  • Enjoy the magnificence of Barcelona, one of Europe’s most exciting cities
  • See the medieval synagogue in Cordoba

We'll be visiting Madrid, Cordoba, Gibraltar, Grenada, Barcelona, Gerona, and many other sites off the beaten track. This trip promises to be an unforgettable Spanish experience, with a focus on places of Jewish interest. A central feature of the tour will be Dr. Shapiro's expert discussions of the many places we will visit, making the trip nothing less than a travelling classroom. In addition, we will be joined by expert local guides who will provide their own angle. 

And of course, in addition to the special Torah in Motion educational and spiritual nourishment, the Journey Through Jewish History in Spain will feature:

  • Luxury hotels in prime locations;
  • 3 fresh kosher meals daily; and
  • expert local tour guides for sites of general interest.
"It was a distinct pleasure for me to be part of the wonderful group of people who made up the "Torah in Motion" group on this very special tour of Spain. It truly was an outstanding and memorable experience. With wishes for besurot tovot, and kindest regards."
- Esther Konig
"I’m still on a high from the amazing trip. Yasher kochachem!  It was an added bonus to have all the trip creators (i.e., you and Ilana in addition to Marc) participating with us."
- Ellen Warner, Toronto, ON
"Thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn about the  Jewish history of Sfarad in the company of such extraordinary people. I think it is important for Ashkenazim to explore Sephardi history in order to understand where our fellow Jews are coming from.  It was truly elucidating. Somehow one can read about it all day long, but to be there is something else, something much deeper."
- Ellen Jaffe