This series will take place on Mondays at 1:00pm Eastern (8:00pm in Israel), beginning July 25th.

This lecture series will survey the European foundations of the Bais Yaakov school system, founded in Poland in 1917, and existing today in thirteen countries. The topic will be covered by three scholars with different perspectives and areas of expertise, including:

  • The halachic issues involved in women's and girls' Torah study
  • The participation of Orthodox Socialists in the school system in the early years
  • The role of theatre and other arts in constructing Orthodox girlhood
  • The distribution of Bais Yaakov schools in Eastern Europe
  • The role of Bais Yaakov in the reconstruction of Orthodox Judaism after the Holocaust


Dr. Ilan Fuchs: 

July 25: Women and Torah Study: The Rereading of Canonical Sources 


(NO CLASS on August 1)


Dr. Naomi Seidman: 

August 8: Acting Like a Bais Yaakov Girl: On Performance, Gender, and Orthodoxy

August 15: Bais Yaakov and the Reconstruction of Orthodox Life after the Holocaust


Gabriella Licsko: 

August 22: Understanding the Map of Bais Yaakov

Featured speakers

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