This seven-part series will take place on Wednesdays at 1:00pm Eastern (8:00pm Israel) from April 27 to June 8

What is the difference between Peshat and Midrash? Are all Midrashim "created equal"? Do they have to be taken literally? Do they have to be taken seriously? 

If Peshat says one thing, and the Midrash says another, what really happened? Are we allowed to offer alternative views in Peshat that differ from Chazal? Are there limits to Peshat interpretation? Did Rashi have a methodology in his selective quotations of Midrashim?

Are Midrashic stories, like Abraham and the furnace of Nimrod, based on historical facts? Did they really "happen"? 

In this 7 part series we will gain new appreciation for the depth of Midrashic interpretation even in our unquenchable thirst for understanding Peshat!  Our journey will take us in the world of the Rishonim and how they saw the limits and scope of Midrashic insight, as well as into the breadth of Biblical events and personalities famously reinterpreted by Midrashic statements, such as David & Bat Sheva, and ask the question: What really happened?



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