The Menorah of Zecharia: The Menorah of the Rambam

Dr, Beni Gesundheit

Sundays, December 11 & 18

10:00am Eastern, 5:00pm Israel

December 11: The Meaning of Chanukah in Maimonides’ Halachic-Philosophical Teaching

This shiur will review the differing descriptions found in the Yerushalmi and Babylonian Talmudic sources regarding the two miracles of Chanukah – the military victory of the Maccabees, and the oil that burned for eight days. The shiur will also consider the Rambam’s view of the Hasmonaean Monarchy.

December 18: Zechariah - The Prophetic Visions of the Menorah in their Historical and Literary Context

This shiur will analyze the structure and message of the prophet Zechariah’s vision of the Menorah.

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