This series will take place on Thursdays at 10:30am Eastern, July 14th - August 25th.

Rambam was surely one of the most accomplished and influential figures in all Jewish history. Better known for his halachic and philosophical works, he was also the author of numerous "epistles", in which he addressed some of the critical issues of his day.

This series will investigate aspects of his public service, as epitomized by several monographs (Iggerot) he wrote to inform, enlighten, or console various Jewish communities. We will concentrate on:

  • Iggeret HaShemad: a response to Muslim antagonism and persecution.
  • Iggeret Teiman: an attempt to fortify Yemenite Jewry in the face of false messianism.
  • Iggeret Techiyat HaMeitim: a clarification of his views on resurrection and the World to Come.

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