This will be a ten-part series taking place on Tuesdays at 11:00am-12:00pm Eastern (6:00-7:00pm in Israel).

Note: Class on November 16 has been cancelled, to be resumed November 23. The series will end December 14 instead of December 7.

The book of Breisheet explores the most primal of human relationships even as it documents the dawn of humanity’s relationship with God Himself. What can the first tell us about the latter? How do both types of relationships balance love with liberty, or being a part of something bigger than the self with being apart, unique, and therefore free? This course will explore the complex families of Genesis and the evolution of both love and liberty, and ask where they meet our own lived experience, and how they shape the covenant to come.

October 5: Constructive Separations: Adam, Eve, and the Necessity of Empty Spaces

October 12: Destructive Separations: of Leaving Eden, in Cloths

October 19: A Murderous Brotherhood: Cain vs Abel

October 26: From “Cling” to “Take” to “Family”: Before and after the Deluge

November 2: Abraham’s Tent: The First Covenantal Family

November 9: Isaac and Rebecca: Liberation through Love

November 16: No class

November 23: Brotherhood, Revisited: Jacob and Esau

November 30: Jacob’s Loves: A Tale of Switches and Reversals

December 7: Brothers and Husbands: Jacob’s Warring Sons

December 14: Reunited in Exile: A Beginning and an End

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