A Thought for the Week

Host: Rabbi Jay Kelman

Join Rabbi Jay Kelman, the founding director of Torah in Motion, as he shares a thought about the weekly parsha.

Jewish History Uncensored

Host: Dr. Marc Shapiro

Had enough of the scripted and abridged version of Jewish History you learned as a child? This weekly podcast features remastered audio from Marc Shapiro’s Torah in Motion classes given from 2011 to the present. Listen to learn about big ideas, interesting personalities, and astounding events in modern Jewish History.

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The Podcast of Jewish Ideas

Host: J.J. Kimche

Where serious minds discuss the great ideas at the heart of the Jewish tradition.

Parsha in Motion

Parsha in Motion is a new weekly podcast from Torah in Motion. Each week we will be treated to insights on the weekly parasha by thinkers and scholars. Tune in for the live broadcast on Thursday Nights, or listen on your favourite podcast app every Friday.