The Podcast of Jewish Ideas

Podcast Episodes

23. Tzimtzum | Dr. Christoph Schulte

Speakers: J.J. Kimche, Christoph Schulte

J.J. and Dr. Christoph Schulte contract a serious case of mystical curiousity, and diminish the mysteries around the idea of Tzimtzum.

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22. Jewish Apologetics | Dr. Samuel Lebens

Speakers: Samuel Lebens

J.J. and Dr. Sam Lebens prove God?! (Or at least, they discuss the history of some Jewish arguments for God.)

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21. Leo Strauss | Dr. Leora Batnitzky

Speakers: J.J. Kimche, Leora Batnitzky

J.J. and Dr. Leora Batnitzky look for hidden truths in Strauss' thought.

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20. The Zohar | Dr. Daniel Matt

Speakers: J.J. Kimche, Daniel C. Matt

J.J. and Dr. Daniel Matt become wiser and gain understanding while discussing the Kabbalistic ideas of The Zohar .

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19. Anti-Maimonides | Dr. Tamar Rudavsky

Speakers: Dr. Tamar Rudavsky

J.J. and Dr. Tamar Rudavsky trace the responses to Maimonides among Medieval Jewish Philosophers.

T.M. Rudavsky is Professor of…

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18. The German Haskalah | Dr. Michah Gottlieb

Speakers: Dr. Michah Gottleib

J.J. and Dr. Michah Gottlieb shed light on the origins of the Haskalah in Berlin, and examine Mendelssohn's role in it.

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17. The Real Maimonides | Dr. Noah Feldman

Speakers: Noah Feldman

J.J. and Dr. Noah Feldman attempt uncover what Maimonides was really trying to do in his halakhic and philosophical works.

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16. Sigmund Freud | Dr. Naomi Seidman

Speakers: J.J. Kimche, Dr. Naomi Seidman

J.J. and Dr. Naomi Seidman wonder why Jews want to claim Freud so badly, and if that claim has merit.

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15. Classics & Midrash | Dr. Simon Goldhill

Speakers: J.J. Kimche, Simon Goldhill

J.J. and Dr. Simon Goldhill try to nail down exactly what Midrash really is and try to place the classical Rabbis in their historical…

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14. Yiddish Literature | Dr. Ruth Wisse

Speakers: J.J. Kimche, Ruth Wisse

J.J. and Dr. Ruth Wisse unpack the world or modern Yiddish literature from its beginnings with Rav Nachman of Breslov through Chaim Grade…

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