The Podcast of Jewish Ideas

Podcast Episodes

32. Spinoza's Reception and Relevance

Speakers: J.J. Kimche, Professor Daniel Schwartz

J.J. and Dr. Daniel Schwartz examine the convoluted legacy and enduring relevance of Spinoza.

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31. Spinoza's Theology and Politics

Speakers: J.J. Kimche, Dr. Yitzhak Melamed

J.J. and Dr. Yitzhak Melamed untangle Spinoza's famed Tractatus Theologico-Politicus and assess the religiosity of its author, a supposed atheist…

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30. Spinoza's Life and Ethics

Speakers: J.J. Kimche, Dr. Rebecca Goldstein

Dr. Rebecca Goldstein and J.J. communicate the story of Spinoza's herem and outline the radicalism of his Ethics. 

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29. Rashi's Torah

Speakers: J.J. Kimche, Eric Lawee

J.J. and Dr. Eric Lawee comment on Rashi's astounding career, and refuse to gloss over his contentious journey to join the Jewish canon. 

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28. Ecclesiastes

Speakers: J.J. Kimche, Dr. Menachem Fisch

J.J. and Dr. Menachem Fisch decided that this is the time for studying the philosophy of the book of Qohelet, and they don't study it in vain.

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27. Philo of Alexandria

Speakers: J.J. Kimche, Dr. Maren Niehoff

J.J. and Dr. Maren Niehoff comment on Philo's ideas and attempt to weave him back into the fabric of Jewish history. 

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26. Declaring Israel

Speakers: J.J. Kimche, Dr. Neil Rogachevsky

J.J. and Dr. Neil Rogachevsky skip down the winding (theoretical) road towards Israeli independence, and tell the story of the drafting of Ben…

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25. Moshe Chaim Luzzatto

Speakers: J.J. Kimche, Dr. Jonathan Garb

J.J. and Dr. Jonathan Garb march down the various paths of the Ram"chal's thought, and straighten out some of mysteries of his life, thought, and…

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24. Copernicus and the Jews

Speakers: J.J. Kimche, Dr. Jeremy Brown

J.J. and Dr. Jeremy Brown circulate some of the Jewish responses to Copernicus.

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23. Tzimtzum | Dr. Christoph Schulte

Speakers: J.J. Kimche, Christoph Schulte

J.J. and Dr. Christoph Schulte contract a serious case of mystical curiousity, and diminish the mysteries around the idea of Tzimtzum.

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