Sponsored by Steve and Lori Frenkiel in honour of the 25th yarhzeit of Steve’s father, Samuel Frenkiel, Shmuel ben David Chaim z”l
Please join us this Shabbat for Parshat Vayera as we welcome Dr. Marc Shapiro 
November 11-12, 2022
All talks will be at The Or Chaim Minyan159 Almore Avenue M3H 2H9
Speaking schedule is as follows:
Friday night oneg 8:30pm
Rav Shlomo Goren: The Revolutionary Chief Rabbi
Shabbat morning 8:00am (Shacharit 8:50am)
The Incredible Story of the Mir Yeshiva's Escape to Shanghai
Derasha before Laining: 
Shiur After Kiddush:
Judaism and Islam: Some Halakhic and Historical Perspectives 
Seudah Shlesheet:
“Truth” and Authorial Intent in the Study of Torah

Featured speakers

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