This eleven-part series will take place on Thursdays at 12:00pm Eastern (7:00pm in Israel), from January 13 to March 31

The Land of Israel is at the heart of Nevi'im and Ketuvim. Where did the stories take place, what archaeological evidence do we have and how does the research enrich our Nach learning experience?  This course will put  the text into context.

Jan 13: Yehoshua I: Entering the Land

Jan 20: Yehoshua II: Gerizim, Eival and the Covenant

Jan 27: Shoftim I: Battles in the Jezreel Valley

Feb 3: Shoftim II: Shilo and the Mishkan

Feb 10: Shmuel I: Saul, David and the Philistines

Feb 17: Shmuel II: David’s City

Feb 24: Melachim I: Solomon and His Empire

Mar 3: Melachim II: Eliyahu and Ahab

Mar 10: Assyria

Mar 17: *Purim - no class*

Mar 24: Jeremiah and the End of First Temple Times

Mar 31: Shivat Zion and the Last Prophets

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