This will be a six-part series taking place at 11:00 am Eastern.


Part 1: Thursday, June 3

Judah: The heartland and the home of the Patriarchs, resettled and reclaimed in modern times.

Part 2: Thursday, June 10

Negev: The future of Israel according to David Ben Gurion, with plenty of the past as well.

Part 3: Thursday, June 24

Around the Kinneret: From Christian pilgrimage sites to early Zionists, with some nice beaches in between.

Part 4: Thursday, July 1

Samaria: Shilo, Shechem, the Samaritans and more in the true center of the country.

Part 5: Thursday, July 8

On the Coast: In ancient times the home of non-Jews from Philistines to Crusaders, today the hub of modern Israel.

Part 6: Thursday, July 15 

Golan: Israel's natural playground and one of its main centers in Talmudic times.


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