Part 1, Jan. 25, 12:15 pm: The Problem with Megillat Esther

Part 2, Feb. 1, 12:15 pm: The Man Who Would Be King:  Ahashverosh and the Will to Power

Part 3, Feb. 8, 12:15 pm: Mordechai and Esther:  Exile and Consequences

Part 4, Feb. 15, 12:15 pm: Haman and History

Part 5, Feb. 22, 12:15 pm: A Happy Ending?

This series of classes is sponsored by Judy and Lee Snitzer in memory of Lee's father, Mordechai ben Raphael z”l and Judy’s parents, Yisroel ben Aryeh Leib z”l and Peninnah bat Mordechai Nachum z”l. May we be blessed with good health and long life.

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