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Please join Torah in Motion and 929 for an exciting initiative to learn each book in the Tanach over the course of 8 short weeks. Each Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, you will have the opportunity to learn a different book with a different teacher. Do not miss out on the chance to hear from twenty four Torah scholars and intellectuals, who will each provide unique insight and thought-provoking ideas on their chosen book. 

While there is no charge for the shiurim, donations are very much appreciated.

Thank you. 


     Date                            Program                   

Monday, July 6                   Breisheet
                                   Rabbi David Silber

Sponsored by Morris Sosnovitch in commemoration of the Yahrzeit of his father, Albert Sosnovitch Avraham Ben Yehuda Noach z"l. 

Tuesday, July 7                   Shemot 
                               Rabbi Dr. Martin Lockshin          


Thursday, July 9                  Vayikra 
                                    Rabbi Alex Israel                 

Sponsored by Wayne and Debbie Nates in commemoration of the Yahrzeit of Wayne’s mother, Devorah Heather Nates z”l. 

Monday, July 13                 Bamidbar 
                                     Dr. Erica Brown              

Sponsored by Michael and Naomi Levy in memory of Naomi's parents, Dr. Stanley and Annette Greenberg z"l, Zalman ben Naftali and Chana Hinda bas Yaakov Hacohen.

Tuesday, July 14                 Devarim 
                              Rabbanit Dena Freundlich           


Thursday, July 16               Yehoshua 
                                   Rabbi Zvi Grumet    

Sponsored by The Chanales Family in memory of Suri Chanales a”h, Soro bat Avrohom Yehoshua Heschel Hakohen v’Frimet, and in honor of her grandchildren, Ashi, Nava, Tova, Akiva, Rami, Tzachi and Daphna.

Monday, July 20                  Shoftim 
                              Dr. Rebecca Winter Gottleib      


Tuesday, July 21                 Shmuel 
                              Rachel Sharansky Danziger        


Thursday, July 23               Melachim
                                Rabbi Nathaniel Helfgot       

Sponsored by The Shack Family in honor of the birthday of Tina Beranbaum – Tova Shifra bat Yichiel Baruch Halevi.

Monday, July 27                Yishayahu
                                Rabbi Chaim Strauchler     

Sponsored in memory of Raymond & Tryphosa Jacob and Frank & Betty Wolf - the parents of Lou & Paul Wolf,
and in honour of Rabbi Chaim Strauchler

Tuesday, July 28                  Eichah
                                Rabbi Dr. Joshua Berman   


Monday, August 3              Yirmiyahu
                                Dr. Tammy Jacobowitz       

Sponsored by Aubrey and Barbara Abrams in observance of yahrzeit of Aubrey's mother, Leah Bat Ydel z"l and in honour of marriage of their granddaughter Atara Kelman to Noah Notis. 

Tuesday, August 4             Yechezkel
                                   Dr. Shalom Holtz        


Thursday, August 6            Trei Asar
                                Rabbi Yaakov Beasley          


Monday, August 10            Tehillim
                                Dr. Beni Gesundheit        

Sponsored by Claire and Howard Glowinsky in memory of Howards savta, Channah Leah bat Moshe, Hannah Leah Wortzman a’h. May we be blessed with long life.

Tuesday, August 11            Mishlei
                                Dr. Shimon Lerner             

Sponsored by Estela Burman from Detroit and Lily Feder from Englewood NJ in memory Yortzeit of their dear mother Lonia Kronenberg - Leah bat Chaim Leib.

Thursday, August 13            Iyov
                                Dr. Moshe Sokolow


Monday, August 17         Shir HaShirim
                            Rabbanit Channa Lockshin Bob 

Sponsored by Debby Sondheim in memory of her husband, Fred Distenfeld, a wonderful, loving and unique individual who continues to inspire her and make her laugh.

Tuesday, August 18              Rut
                                Rabbi Allen Schwartz

Sponsored by Ken and Karen Anolik praying for a refuah shleimah for Margalit Yael bat Rachel.

Thursday, August 20           Kohelet
                                    Miriam Krupka    


Monday, August 24             Esther
                                   Dr. Orit Avnery    

Sponsored in memory of Sid (Shmuel) and Ruth (Rut) z"l, by their loving children Steve (Gila), Brian and Susie (Mark), and grandchildren Ruthie, Billy, Jacqueline, David, Olivia and Rachel.

Tuesday, August 25            Daniel
                                  Dr. Aaron Koller          


Thursday, August 27    Ezra & Nechemiya
                                  Dr. Dov Zakheim 


Tuesday, September 1   Divrei Hayamim
                             Rabbi Menachem Leibtag

Sponsored by Shayna and Lazer Friedman, l'iluy nishmat Shayna's mother, Malka bat R' Chaim Yehoshua z"l. 


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