5784 Pesach Learning Series 

Wednesday, April 10 -  Monday, April ,,22


Wednesday April 10, 1:00pm Eastern
Meaning at Midnight: A Close Look at 'Vayehi bachetzi halailah'
Rabba Dr. Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz

Thursday April 11, 1:00pm Eastern
Heseiba: Do you have the inclination?
Dr. Moshe Sokolow

Sunday April 14, 9:15am - 2:00pm Eastern
Haggadah shel Pesach Yom Iyyun
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Monday April 15, 1:00pm Eastern
The Seder: A Night of Midrash
Rabbi David Silber 

Tuesday April 16,1:00pm Eastern
Where was G-d in the Exodus
Rabbi Moshe Shulman

2:15pm Eastern
From Craft to Avant-Garde: The Seder Plate's Evolving Aesthetics
Dr. Rachel Kupferman

Wednesday April 17, 1:00pm Eastern
Hardening Pharoah’s Heart 
Ariel Kelman

Thursday April 18, 1:00pm Eastern
Understanding Elijah's Seat at the Seder: Insights from Shabbat HaGadol's Haftarah 
Adina Blaustein

Friday April 19, 9:15am Eastern
A Closer Look at the Haggadah
Rabbi Jay Kelman

Sunday April 21, 11:15am Eastern
The Torah readings for Pesach 
The "Shalosh Regalim" in Mishpatim; KiTisa, & Re'ay

Rabbi Menachem Leibtag


Pesach learning is sponsored by 

Barbara and Aubrey Abrams in celebration of the wedding of their grandson Adir Koenig to Liat Polinsky. May the young couple build a beautiful Jewish home. 

Jeff Weiss in loving memory of his parents, Benjamin and Judith Weiss, Binyamin ben Chaim z"l, v'Chaya Vitel bat Yekutiel Yehuda z"l. Yehi zichronam baruch.