Dedicated by Michael and Marsha Lax and Family

This Program is Dedicated by Michael and Marsha Lax and Family

We pray for the safe return home of the hostages, refuah sheleima of the wounded, the success and safety of the IDF soldiers and are in solidarity with their loved ones.

We remember with great humility the heroic soldiers we have lost in battle.


Coping and Building Resilience in Challenging Times

Sunday February 11, 2024
9:15am-2:10pm Eastern time
4:15pm-9:10pm Israel time


9:15 am Eastern Time
Trauma and Resilience: A 40-year Perspective
Danny Brom, PhD

9:50 am
Hope in the Face of Despair
Rabbi Doron Perez

10:05 am
Crisis, Normal Reactions to Crisis, and Trauma
Nechama Munk, MSW

10:40 am
The Emotional Toll of Being a First Responder
Eli Beer 

10:55 am
Enhancing Resilience in the Children of Sderot
Jennie Goldstein, MD

11:30 am 
Halachic Aspects of Mental Health and the Current Situation
Rabbi Yoni Rosensweig

12:05 pm

12:20 pm
Spirituality, and Things We Can Do To Cope
Debbie Akerman, PhD

12:55 pm 
Vicarious Trauma and Are We all in this Together?
Norman Blumenthal, PhD

1:30 pm Eastern
Relationships and Resilience
Rabbi Ari Sytner, Ph.D