In this 4-part series, we will explore literary models Teshuva by drawing on classic stories from the Tanach. We will use ideas from Hilchot Teshuva to better understand specific Tanach characters and their stories, which led them toward self-reflection, progress, and hopeful resolution. We will carefully examine the primary Tanach texts as well as supportive parshanim to draw insights into these stories and to help us reflect on our own Teshuva process as we approach the Yamim Noraim

Jennifer and Rebecca are long-time chevruta and friends, and are excited to be teaching this joint series.

Monday, August 16

Yaakov: The Power of Introspection and Identity Reclamation

Jennifer Raskas

Monday, August 23

The King Menashe: Complete repentance or self preservation?

 Dr. Rebecca Winter

Monday, August 30

Yosef: 'Going the Distance' for Proximate Reconciliation

Jennifer Raskas

Monday, September 13

What's in a name?: Kayin, Hevel, and Freedom to Choose in the Face of Temptation

Dr. Rebecca Winter