Halakha, Public Policy, and End-of-Life Dilemmas

Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Brody

Mondays, January 9 - February 13

2:00 Eastern, 9:00pm Israel


January 9:  Are Jews Obligated to Spread Observance of the Seven Noahide Laws? Ethics, Interests, and the Moral Ecology 

January 16:  Does Every Moment of Life Have Infinite Value?  "Quality of Life" in Halakha

January 23:  Passive Euthanasia: Dilemmas of Withholding and Withdrawing Care

January 30:  Active Euthanasia and Dilemmas of (Religious) Liberty 

Fabruary 6:  Time of Death and Organ Donation Controversies 

February 13:  New Dilemmas in Organ Donation 

Modern medicine poses many new ethical dilemmas regarding end-of-life treatment.

These questions have become particularly difficult for Jews engaged in Western societies in which particular conceptions of autonomy and humanity dignity have radically changed our cultural landscape.

In this course, we'll explore the new dilemmas from a halakhic viewpoint with a particular eye toward how Jews may formulate public policy positions in our fraught political climate.

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