This page is a registration page for the Summer Series of Classes.

Please register for the Jewish Medical Ethics Conference separately -there will be a special ZOOM link sent out right before.


We are thrilled to present e-TiM: The Torah in Motion online Summer Series. 

Summer Classes:

All times are Eastern Time

Sefer Devarim - The Most Misunderstood Book of the Bible
Sundays, May 30 - September 19
Rabbi Menachem Leibtag 

Storytelling and the Rise of Kings
Tuesdays, June 1 - July 20
Rachel Sharansky Danziger  

Sefer Yirmiyahu Wednesdays,
June 2 - August 18 1:00pm


Come Walk the Land: Regions of Israel and Their Stories
Thursdays, June 3 - July 15
Shulie Mishkin      



Parshat Hashavua 
Thursdays, 8:30pm           
Weekly Guest Speakers    

Pirkei Avot
Fridays, 9:30am            
Rabbi Jay Kelman  

Various Approaches of Religious Zionism
Monday 11:00am         
Rabbi Ari (Schwat) Shvat 

The Making of My Most Recent Book: A Thirty-Year Story
Mondays, 8:30pm            
Dr. Marc Shapiro

Underststanding Tanach: Peshat, Midrash, and Halacha
Wednesdays, 11:00am            
Rabbi Dr. Martin Lochshin       

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