Rabbi Yosef Karo and the Making of the Shulhan Arukh

Rabbi Yosie Levine

Wednesdays, February 1 - 22

1:00pm Eastern

Who was Rabbi Yosef Karo? What did he set out to accomplish with the publication of his halakhic works? And how did the Shulhan Arukh become accepted as a decisive code of Jewish law? With an eye toward the historical context of the sixteenth century, this four-week course will explore these questions, the implications of which we continue to feel acutely today.

February 1:  Rabbi Yosef Karo and His Beit Yosef

February 8:  Rabbi Yosef Karo and His Shulhan Arukh

February 15: Rabbi Moshe Isserles and the Making of Ashkenaz

February 22: How the Shulhan Arukh Became the Authoritative Code of Jewish Law

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