Dedicated in memory of Rona and Nathan Katz z"l

From Judicial Reform to War in Azza

Religious and Halachic Challenges in the State of Israel

Rabbi Aviad Tabory

Thursdays 1:00pm Eastern, 8:00pm Israel time

February 15
Courts, Law and Democracy in the Eyes of Jewish law

February 22
Restoration of the Sanhedrin - Case study from 1538

February 29
Freeing Captives during War 

March 7
Getting Married during War

March 14
Boosting Morale as Halachic factor during War

The series is dedicated in memory of Rona and Nathan Katz, Razel bat Binyamin v'Tova Riva z"l  and Yehoshua Nachman ben Chaim Yitzchak z"l by their children,

Barbara and Aubrey Abrams, Michael and Ilanah Katz and Brian and Hana Katz.

May we be blessed with good health and long life.

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