We all know what "off the derech" means. There's a Wikipedia page for it. There's even an acronym, OTD. There are blogs, books, and celebrity spokespeople. We've all seen the hurt and confusion of parents who dedicated their lives to trying to convey their highest beliefs to their children, only to be rejected. We've seen the hurt and confusion of children who can't seem to find a "there" there, and wonder if their parents' love is really all that unconditional. Teachers wonder where they went wrong...and so do parents...and so do children. Why is our message not getting through? How do we compete with the unlimited horizons of the secular world? Join us for an uncompromising examination of the problem on January 19 and 20, 2013, in the Rebbetzin Judy Taub Hall at the BAYT. $15 with advance registration, $25 at the door $10 per session with advance registration, $15 per session at the door TiMPass holders, no charge BAYT members, no charge