Who Were the Geonim and Why Do They Matter?

Dr. Marc Herman

Wednesdays, 1:00 pm

May 10 - 31

The Babylonian geonim constitute the indispensable bridge between the period of the Talmud and medieval Jewish centers in North Africa, Spain, and Northern Europe. Yet the geonim have long been overshadowed by their successors, even as later Judaism is unimaginable without their contributions. This series serves as an introduction to the geonim, their yeshivot, and their indelible mark on generations of Jews. It will situate the geonim in cosmopolitan Baghdad and will highlight their interactions with non-Jewish intellectual currents.

May 10: Entering the Geonic World

May 17: Saadia Gaon: Traditionalist and Revolutionary

May 24: Sherira Gaon and Hayya Gaon: Father and Son Shape the Talmud

May 31: Samuel ben Hofni Gaon: Looking Outward

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