Tishrei: A Month of Holidays or A Holiday Month

Rabbi Menachem Leibtag

Sundays, August 20 to September 3:  11:15am Eastern, 6:15pm Israel
Saturdays, September 9 & 23:            10:00pm Eastern, 5:00am (Sunday) Israel

Sunday, August 20, 11:15am Eastern
The Biblical Logic of the 'Tishrei Holidays' vs. the 'Pilgrimage Holidays'

Sunday, August 27, 11:15am Eastern
What Came First: "Kapara" or "Yom Kippur"

Sunday, September 3, 11:15am Eastern
The Meaning of Musaf of Yom Kippur -  in Light of Vayikra chapter 16

Saturday, September 9, 10:00pm Eastern
Saturday Night Selichot: Preparation for Rosh ha'Shana or for Yom Kippur?

Saturday, September 23, 10:00pm Eastern
"Amitz Koach" - From Prose to Poetry to Prayer: The "piyut" for the Service of the High Priest

This Series is sponsored by Malka Yaffa bat Shlomo HaCohen in memory of her parents, Shlomo bar Shalom HaCohen and Mindel bat Reb Shalom, who inspired her with a love of Torah. May their neshamas have an aliyah and their memories be a blessing always.

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