Unearthing Discourses on Scientific Reasoning in the Text of the Chumash



This will be a three-part series taking place on Tuesdays at 2:00pm Eastern, 9:00pm in Israel

In this series, we will take various approaches to asking how the Torah thinks about what it means to reason scientifically about the natural world. Is everything governed by fixed laws of physics, and if so, what are we to make of all the miraculous wonders emphasized by the Torah’s narratives? Is there a message written into the events of the world, or are all things that happen just consequences of a blind set of simple mathematical rules? We will try to answer these questions by studying the counterposed examples of Yosef haTzadik and Moshe Rabenu.

December 7: Predicting the Future and Explaining the Past

December 14: Divine Providence and Randomness: The Shofar and the Serpent of Horev

December 21: Tracing the Boundary of Life at Sinai

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