The Prophet Yona and Maftir Yona

Simi Peters

Wednesdays, August 23 to September 20 - 1:00 pm Eastern, 8:00 pm Israel

Yona is a book marked by omissions and mysteries.  Using midrash and classic biblical commentary, we will explore this intriguing narrative and its relevance to our lives.

Session 1:  Yona’s flight
Why does God choose the reluctant Yona to deliver His message to Nineveh?  Why does Yona flee?

Session 2: Yona’s descent to the ‘Heart of the Seas’
Chapter 2 of the Book of Yona is a psalm unlike other psalms in Tanach.  How are we to understand it?

Session 3:  Nineveh’s Repentance and Yona’s Response
Why does Nineveh’s repentance teach us about teshuva?  What does Yona’s response teach us about him and us?

Session 4:  Maftir Yona and the Thirteen Attributes
Why does the haftarah end with an addendum from Micha?

Session 5:   Why we read Yona on Yom Kippur 

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