Send My People Out – Or Let My People Go: Re-examining the Story of the Exodus

Rabbi Menachem Leibtag

January 8 - February 5

Sundays 11:15 am Eastern, 6:15pm Israel

January 8: Why Tell a Lie - Especially When There is No Need: Re-Examining the ‘Burning Bush’ Narrative

January 15: What’s in a Name? In Relation to God, It’s Really Complicated: Re-Examining the Opening Lines of Parshat Va’era

January 22: Why Moshe is "In the Dark" until 'Choshech' Re-Examining the Purpose of the ‘Nine Plagues’

January 29: Did Pharoah Change His Mind, or Did God Change His Plan? Re-Examining What Bnei Yisrael SAW When God Split the SEA

February 5: Three Days or Seven Weeks - Was Sinai the Goal or a 'Rest-Stop'?

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