Innovative but clearly based upon classic sources, Rav Kook revamps our view of Teshuva to be positive and motivating, not depressing. The common misconception is based upon the mistranslation "Repentance from sin", instead of "Return from mistakes". Rav Kook sees the world as built upon constant "Evolution", and the most natural thing in the world is to improve & return to God and His ideals. With the help of this philosophic yet movingly pragmatic series, your High Holidays this year will be more effective than ever!

Part 1: Can Teshuva Not Be Depressing?!- Thursday, August 12

Part 2: If It's So Natural to Improve, Why is it So Difficult?- Thursday, August 19

Part 3: The Strive for Perfection is Perfection- Thursday, August 26

Part 4: Sin is Divisive Chaos While Teshuva is a Life of Uniting Harmony Thursday, September 2

Part 5: Elevating the Mundane Routine to be Exciting & Idealistic-Thursday, September 9

Listen to his previous series: "Various Approaches to Religious Zionism" here.

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