Travel Date:
  • January 1-10, 2024

  • With Dr. Marc Shapiro


  • Tunisia played an important role in the ancient world with the famous civilization of Carthage. This later became an important part of the Roman Empire, and some of the most significant Roman era archaeological sites are in Tunisia. There has also been a Jewish community in Tunisia since ancient times. Kairouan, famous today as one of the holy cities of Islam, was a centre of Jewish learning in medieval times, and home to R. Nissim Gaon and R. Hananel.   While the Jewish community of Tunisia is today quite small, compared to what it was like before the creation of the State of Israel, we will have a chance to experience life in the last vibrant Arabic speaking Jewish community, and see not just the remnants of a great past, but what survives today. Djerba, the crown of Tunisian Jewry and home to the famous El Ghriba synagogue, is a fascinating outpost of Jewish life in the Arab world, where an entirely religious community of some 1200 carries on their unique traditions

  • Visit Tunis, Djerba, Sousse, Zarzis, Tozeur and many other sites off the beaten track

  • A central feature of the tour will be Dr. Shapiro’s expert discussions of the many places we will visit

  • An unforgettable experience with a focus on Jewish history

  • Beautiful hotels, Kosher food made especially for us, outstanding local guides



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  • A Jewish History Tour -an educational experience like no other