Please join us as we welcome Yair Rosenberg.

After kiddush (approx 11:20am)

Einstein and the Rabbi: The Untold Story of the Physicist's 20-Year Friendship with Rabbi Chaim Tchernowitz, and Their Conversations About the Talmud, Zionism, and God
It sounds like fiction, but is in fact history: Albert Einstein, the fabled physicist, forged an abiding friendship and correspondence with an eclectic Orthodox rabbi, Chaim Tchernowitz. Beginning with their first meeting at Einstein’s summer home outside Berlin, we’ll chart their unlikely story, which spanned two continents and two decades. Along the way, you’ll learn why Einstein wrote a public letter praising the Talmud—even though he couldn’t read it—and how he opposed an early attempt to depose the first president of Hebrew University for his heterodox political views on Zionism.
at Seudah Shlesheet
The Seven Biggest Myths About Anti-Semitism: Why Anti-Semitism is So Hard To Fight and What to Do About It​

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