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Rabbi Sacks was the world's leading Jewish public intellectual and ambassador. But what were his core messages?

This course will survey his books and their groundbreaking ideas.

Each class will follow a particular work, its central arguments and concepts.

This will be a seven-part series taking place Monday's at 12:15 pm Eastern.

Part 1: Monday, June 21
Introduction: Rabbi Sacks. His Life and Works.

Part 2: Monday, June 28
Universalism and Particularism (The Dignity of Difference)

Part 3: Monday, July 5
How Modern Society is Broken, and How to Fix It. (The Politics of Hope, Morality)

Part 4: Monday, July 12
Why be Jewish? (Letter in a Scroll)

Part 5: Monday, July 19
The State of Israel. Miracle and Challenge (Future Tense)

Part 6: Monday, July 26
How did Rabbi Sacks read the Creation Chapter? - Religion and Science (The Great Partnership)

Part 7: Monday, August 2
Thoughts on Torah and Prayer (The Sacks-Koren Siddur, Will we Have Jewish Grandchildren?, and Covenant & Conversation.)

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