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The Eruv in America - Halakhah and History

Rabbi Adam Mintz

February 16 - March 9

Thursdays, 11:00am Eastern, 6:00pm Israel

Today there are over 200 eruvin in North America. Yet, prior to 1970 there were fewer than 10 eruvin in America.

How does the history of eruvin reflect the evolution of American Orthodoxy?

How did the rabbis deal with the potential violation of the laws of Shabbat in the absence of an eruv?

Come and explore these and other fascinating issues regarding the history of eruvin in America. 

February 16: The History of Eruvin from the Talmud Through the Nineteenth Century

February 23: The St. Louis Eruv: The First Eruv in America

March 2: The History of the Toronto Eruv

March 9: The History of the Manhattan Eruv

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